View, activate, and renew OfficeScan license services on the web console, and enable/disable the OfficeScan firewall. The OfficeScan firewall is part of the Antivirus service, which also includes support for Cisco NAC and outbreak prevention.

Log off and then log on again to the web console during the following instances:

  1. View license status summary, which appears on top of the screen.

  2. Reminders about licenses display during the following instances:

    If you have a full version license

    If you have an evaluation version license

  3. View license information. The License Information section provides you the following information:

  4. OfficeScan allows you to activate multiple licenses for a license service. Click the service name to view all the licenses (both active and expired) for that service.

  1. Click the name of the license service.

  2. In the Product License Details screen that opens, click New Activation Code.

  3. In the screen that opens, type the Activation Code and click Save.

  4. Back in the Product License Details screen, click Update Information to refresh the screen with the new license details and the status of the service. This screen also provides a link to the Trend Micro website where you can view detailed information about your license.