Mounting Devices for Log Offload

Logs > Log Settings

IWSVA has a log storage limit. If you do not want to purge old logs, you can offload the logs to an external device for permanent storage. If you want to analyze the logs in future, you can retrieve these logs from the storage device and restore them in IWSVA.

IWSVA enables you to offload logs to the following:

External Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive

The file system for an external hard disk or a USB flash drive is usually FAT32 or NTFS. Use one of the following commands to mount these devices to IWSVA:

mount -o umask=000 /your_device/ /var/offload

mount -o umask=000 -t ntfs /your_device/ /var/offload

Unix NFS Share Folder

To mount Unix NFS share folder to IWSVA:

  1. On the Unix NFS server, make sure that port 2049 is opened and the firewall will not block this port.

  1. On the Unix NFS server, open configuration file /etc/exports and add the following string at the bottom of the file:

/var/your_folder *(rw) 

  1. Do one of the following:

  2. Restart the Unix NFS server

  3. On the Unix NFS server, enable the configuration of /etc/exports using the following command:

exports –ra

  1.  On IWSVA server, run the following command:

mount -t nfs your_ip:your_folder /var/offload

Windows Share Folder

To mount a remote Windows share folder to IWSVA:

  1. On a Windows computer, create a folder in which you want to save IWSVA logs.

  2. Righ-click the folder you want to share, and click Properties.

  3. On the Sharing tab, click Advanced Sharing.

  4. On the Advanced Sharing screen, select Share this folder, and then click Permissions.

  5. On the Share Permissions tab, do the following:

  6. Under Group or use names section, select Everyone.

  7. Under Permissions for Everyone section, select Allow for at least Change and Read.

  1.  On IWSVA server, run the following command:

mount -t cifs -o username=xxx,password=yyy,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 //your_ip/your_folder /var/offload

A folder on Local Hard Drive

To mount a local folder to IWSVA:

mount --bind /your_folder /var/offload