How does content filtering work?

The Web filter uses two main methods to determine whether or not to block a given URL request based on the Web site content:

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Each word gets assigned a probability rating for each of the 80-plus categories. For example, the English word ”casino,” which may appear most frequently in the ”gambling” categorywhere it receives the highest probability ratingmay also have a statistical rating in all of the other categories. This implies that just because ”casino” is associated with gambling does not mean it is necessarily a gambling page.

Currently, real-time ratings focus on the most common languages that appear on the Web. As the need increases, full or partial coverage in other languages is being added.

Pornographic Content

Because of the exposure, liability and risk that organizations face when users access pornographic or adult material, the URL Filter is very good at recognizing and accurately rating this type of content. It is also very good at recognizing the ”potentially offensive” categories listed.