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Flexibly manage Endpoint Encryption using only PolicyServer MMC or manage Endpoint Encryption using Control Manager for policy, user and device management and PolicyServer MMC for advanced log management and reporting.
Trend Micro Control Manager is a central management console that manages Trend Micro products and services at the gateway, mail server, file server, and corporate desktop levels. Administrators can use the policy management feature to configure and deploy product settings to managed products and endpoints. The Control Manager web-based management console provides a single monitoring point for antivirus and content security products and services throughout the network.
Control Manager enables system administrators to monitor and report on activities such as infections, security violations, or virus/malware entry points. System administrators can download and deploy update components throughout the network, helping ensure that protection is consistent and up to date. Example update components include virus pattern files, scan engines, and anti-spam rules. Control Manager allows both manual and pre-scheduled updates. Control Manager allows the configuration and administration of products as groups or as individuals for added flexibility.
The following illustration explains how to deploy Endpoint Encryption for the first time using Control Manager to manage PolicyServer. In a Control Manager deployment, administrators use Control Manager for all Endpoint Encryption policy, user, and device controls, and only use PolicyServer MMC for advanced Enterprise maintenance.
In environments that use Control Manager, changes to PolicyServer policies are always controlled by Control Manager. Any changes made using PolicyServer MMC are overwritten the next time that Control Manager synchronizes policies to the PolicyServer database.